Human Pictures



What kind of world would you like to live in? Should it be a place where everyone is 100% safe thanks to absolute controlling mechanisms or would you rather live in a world in which people trust one another because they are all driven by values such as honesty, readiness to help others, independence and responsibility.
What would you prefer? A system that functions perfectly and offers absolute justice or a community in which each and everyone is allowed to learn from their own mistakes and does not shy away from difficult tasks.
It is quite obvious that we are referring to ethics, to decisions over the sense and value of human life. This is no coincidence.
The idea for „Human Pictures“ was actually born within the „European Charity University“„European Charity University (ECU)“. An association of experts made it their goal to incorporate ethical orientation into the curricula of schools and universities as well as into other working environments.

As a “film NGO” working with young people, the professional movie project „Black Dog e.V.“ has been supporting this idea from the very beginning. Black Dog e.V. has always put a lot of emphasis on ‘european topics’ in their many documentary and movie projects (for example the discourse about values amongst youths, work with witnesses to history, social commitment, migration and immigration).

„Human Pictures“ also is a network of european NGOs, associations, national and youth organisations as well as institutions. Such groups and organisations are always welcome to contribute to „Human Pictures“ be it on an organizational or editorial level.