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Mit Oma in Bilbao (With Grandma in Bilbao)

The filmlet is based on the tale "Meine Oma war in Rio" (My Grandma was in Rio) of the famous German writer Gudrun Pausewang. The video about the racist granny was created by the German native speaker students of the 5th and 6th form of the German School of Bilbao on the occasion of Mrs. Pausewang's reading at this school on June 2008. It is also a contribution to the international school magazine "trait d'union": Further information:

Land: Spain

Hochgeladen von: Lothar Thiel


Veröffentlicht: 24.10.2010



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Mit Oma in Bilbao (With Grandma in Bilbao)Mit Oma in Bilbao (With Grandma in Bilbao)
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